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Meltwater, a leading provider of online intelligence solutions, has acquired a subsidiary of Findwise consultants based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They will be a central part of its product engineering and join their global network of R&D centers. Findwise’ unique expertise in search driven applications is a perfect match with Meltwater’s services for delivering actionable business insights through big data.

“Our unique mix of knowledge in how to combine search, text analytics and Big Data analytics was a perfect match for Meltwater’s needs. The deal is solid proof of Findwise’s position as leaders in innovative search technology. We will continue to grow our consultancy practice which is our core business, and currently consists of another 100 employees with equivalent skills and experience. We plan to continue with an annual growth rate of 25 percent.” says Bengt Rodung, partner at Findwise.

During the last 18 months, Meltwater has been a strategic client of Findwise’. A team of consultants have been working with Meltwater to further develop its state-of-the art search and content platform. Now the client relationship is transformed into an acquisition as Meltwater makes the team an integral part of its in-house product engineering and R&D in Gothenburg.

“The Findwise team’s unique mix of knowledge in how to combine search, text and big data analytics is world class and is matching anything we have seen anywhere else. With the added talent from Findwise, Meltwater will accelerate its move into Big Data and help companies and decision makers benefit from the wealth of insights buried in all the data on the Internet.” comments Jørn Lyseggen, Meltwater CEO and Founder.

Through the deal, the current client team of consultants from Findwise’ Gothenburg operations will be transferred to Meltwater. Coupled with new hires the team is expected to reach 16 employees within a year, further extending the number of highly qualified employment positions within this field in Gothenburg.

About Meltwater

Meltwater helps businesses drive growth and build brands. Meltwater’s online intelligence platform analyzes billions of digital documents daily to extract precise, timely business insights that help more than 20,000 companies understand their markets, engage their customers, and master the new social business environment. With offices in 27 countries, Meltwater is dedicated to personal, global service built on local expertise. For more information about the company visit www.meltwater.com.

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