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Luna Tools and Equipment

How content management can drive sales and marketing.


Luna has been selling tools and equipment to construction companies, industries and public authorities for 100 years. The vision is to become the customer´s best choice.

Luna identified a growing demand for online product information & business data - separately and combined. Customers want quick and simple access to data. Sometimes fed into their own systems. Products must be found and understood in seconds.

Luna has worked with product catalogues since 1917. In 1975, information was digitalised but using the same structure. The first online catalogue was created in 2000, yet again with the same structure. In 2015 the big digital challenge was to create flexible online product information.

"We need to truly be online"
Sara Friberg
Manager Catalogue- and Product information at Luna Tools & Equipment.


We started the project by installing Solr with an i3 connector and indexed all product data for search. This means product information doesn’t have to be re-created. The search engine and the i3 connector collect existing information from a PIM system. Now product information can be found easily through search, using different attributes. Better search for existing customers, but more importantly, for potential customers who are expected to act (and search) in new ways.


Information is available as an online service and no longer bound to the fixed catalogue structure. Working with content management and search technology enables Luna to truly be online, providing a high quality service to customers. In addition, Luna can now offer a variety of presentation and export possibilities. One example is automatic product information exports to customers’ own systems, for adaption to their structures.

“Findwise has been a strategic partner and a true success factor in our digitalisation process. The cooperation has enabled us to develop several dimensions of content management at the same time”
Linda Sångberg
Director of Marketing at Luna Tools & Equipment.

Luna “search-as-a-service”:

  • Enables flexible exports of product data
  • Is an information source for the Luna websites
  • Offers an API for external websites who want to include Luna products in their web shops
  • Media library
  • Statistical tool (ELK-stack)

Technologies used on Luna Tools and Equipment

We build search solutions based on any platform and have partnerships with all leading vendors.

Apache Solr - The popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform.
Findwise i3 - Turning your search engine into an insight engine.