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Linköping university case study

Meeting the “google generation’s” expectation on information access, design and apperance.


The expectations of soon-to-be students are higher than ever before in matters of information access and appearance. This “Google Generation” is used to seeking and comparing information, to support making best, potentially life changing, choices. This group of expectant students want relevant and reliable information and they want it presented in a way for fast and easy consumption.


To make information accessible, Linköping University’s website search is based on Findwise i3. i3 makes it possible to index various sources and retrieve information about e.g. publications, articles, departments, courses, programs and staff at the university.

Strengths with the Findwise i3 solution:
- Normalization of data from different sources
- Enrichment of processed data
- Presentation of the very best available information

In addition, the i3 solution comes with an analytics service, allowing the search administrator to continuously improve search results based on user behavior (queries and clicks).

The filtering and preview of search results is enabled trough Bootstrap.


The new web-based search solution has approximately 220.000 indexed documents, searchable in just a few seconds. Result relevance is tuned to match the information seekers’ interests. The search on www.liu.se is now a live service, ready to provide students and employees of Linköping’s University with the information they need – when they need it.

Screenshot from the solution

Technologies used on Linköping university case study

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