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Knivsta Municipality

Out-of-the-box implementation of Google GSA.


The Municipality of Knivsta, north of Stockholm, is facing the challenge of serving its citizens around the clock with information about everything from council meeting protocols to the opening hours of the nearest day care center. They do not have a large organization for IT operations which had implications when their existing website search needed to be replaced by a scalable solution. It had to be easy to manage, not too complex and without technical administration. The ultimate goal is to create a full Enterprise Search solution and integrate the intranet as well which demands the solution to also be scalable and easy to connect to new sources.


Using the Google GSA, Findwise created a robust solution which can easily be expanded to a full enterprise search in the future. The new search uses all available out of the box features in the GSA such as document preview, query suggest, dynamic navigation and entity recognition. Since the project only required customization of existing functions Findwise was able to deliver with a minimum of consulting hours, saving budget resources for future expansion of the search function.


The new search solution has indexed approximately 3000 web pages and 1000 documents so far and continues to serve the citizens of Knivsta with information about the municipality around the clock.

Technologies used on Knivsta Municipality

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