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Jönköping County

Customised Findability with Google GSA.


Jönköping County is a health care organisation with 10 000 employees serving 340 000 citizens. Both intranet and public websites are built on a platform developed internally. Jönköping needed an improved search function to serve user needs, employees using it for internal purposes and citizens looking for health care information on public websites.

External information was important also for employees in their daily tasks. Hence, search needed to include both internal and external sources. Important external sources were not only their own public websites but also 1177.se and umo.se. People search was also important as employees are spread in different health care units.

Due to problems with the taxonomy in the current platform, new nodes could be created at a whim and it was not possible to crawl information without the risk of missing important information. There were also problems with search being slow.


Based on needs from the organisation and users, the chosen technology was Google GSA. The special platform developed at Jönköping County required event driven indexing to solve the issue of new nodes. It also demanded two external GUI’s to be custom built to fit the solution. The GUI application has a custom late-binding security application, to cope with the security mechanisms built by Jönköpings development team.

To facilitate navigation, search is divided in tabs so the user can easily filter on different sources. News items from internal and external sources are abundant and users searching the sites would get search results drowned by news articles containing the query keywords. To solve this issue, news stories are treated as related hits and not presented as the best hits for the query.

To make sure the search function is always up and running a hot-backup GSA is in place. Whenever they are doing upgrades or if something should happen to their GSA the backup-GSA steps in.

Google have decided to shut down GSA and renewals will stop in 2019. One good option is to migrate to open source alternatives instead, read our guide on how to switch from GSA to open source in four steps.


The solution has approximately 200 000 webpages and documents indexed. Through well documented metadata mapping and strong filters the solution at Jönköping County delivers a high level of Findability. It does not only show the correct search results but also important related information such as people related to the hits and contact details to them. The deployment team at Google has expressed their appreciation for how Findwise delivered this solution.

Technologies used on Jönköping County

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