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Jämtland County

"The best thing that has happened Jämtland County in years"


Jämtland County is a health care organization with 3 650 employees with over 100 different occupations. The 126 410 citizens that live in Jämtland County have 30 medical centers supported and administrated by the county.

"Jämtland County is to offer accessible and good care that satisfies the citizens needs of a secure existence with good life quality by having quality and efficiency as management strategy"
Jämtland County organizational plan 2014

The old version of the county’s intranet had an inaccurate search function; irrelevant and unclear results and a search tool that did not understand the queries. In addition the users never knew where to find information they needed, on what system or site. For the employees this meant that a lot of time was wasted on finding the right documents, time that could have been spent on patients.


The project started with a needs analysis where the result was very clear – the users where unsatisfied with the search engine and that they have to search different sites and sources to find the information they need. This lead to the decision to not only improve the intranet search engine but also to integrate six (6) different sources to the one search tool. The project vision was formulated:

”All employees should see the intranet as an every-day tool and entrance for relevant information”

In addition, based on the analysis, Findwise recommended Jämtland County to invest in improved intranet interface and make a plan over overall governance and administration. The consultants at Findwise promised a “kick-ass search interface” and easier administration.


From the administrations point of view the best effect of the project is that the intranet now is the path to all relevant information. According to the communication group, the result is most valuable for the medical staff who now can act and work faster. They save time by easily finding every document they need by a simple query in one search engine that covers all the necessary sources.

From a users’ point of view the project resulted in:

"the best thing that has happened Jämtland County in years"
– A doctors reaction after using the new intranet.

Example of the new search result on the Intranet

Technologies used on Jämtland County

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