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How does a retailer become Swedens best e-commerce site?


Intersport, one of Sweden's most famous brands, was founded in 1968 and has a wide store network in Sweden, with around 150 stores. Like many other retailers, Intersport followed the digitalisation and created an e-commerce site in 2011, a first-generation marketplace. The purpose of the site was to make the products available digitally and support the existing business model.

A successful e-commerce is about more than making products available. Real digitization is disruptive, creates new business and puts customer behaviour in focus. In retail, this is called omni-channel trading.

A clear omni-channel offering is no longer a competitive advantage in this day and age, but a necessity for success. If you also want to prepare for the future, search-driven information management works in a very flexible and scalable manner.


One of the most popular Open Source search engines, Elasticsearch, together with the Findwise i3 framework is the fundament for Intersport's omni-channel solution. Findwise has indexed both structured and unstructured data, from different data sources:

  • PIM data
  • Price information from the cash register system
  • Time-controlled campaigns (gives the customer the best price regardless of where they shop)
  • Stock balance (the customer can choose pickup in store)
  • Shop information (address and opening hours).

The advantages of using search technology to retrieve and present information is that it enables a fast customer experience, in real time. By using the Findwise i3 framework, the customer experiences a flexible navigation and filtering that is driven by content and metadata. In addition, Findwise i3 increases Intersport's competitive advantage in the market through flexible price exports for price comparison pages and open APIs for advertising sites. Thanks to Elasticseach, Intersport gets scalability and can grow and expand the omni-channel service in the future.


Intersport, historical a retail chain, won the best e-commerce site 2018. "Intersport's solution for Click & Collect, that is to find and buy the product online and then collect it in a store, is pointed out as well executed and it is generally easy to shop and pay on the site." (Source) Intersport is also the only one the sport retailer chains that can offer Click & Reserve, to book an item online to then collect and pay in store.

Technically, Intersport has chosen to be at the forefront using a search-driven site with dynamic content and a single source of information. Intersport has also managed to offer their customers a seamless experience where the customer can get a world-class shopping experience, independent of in store or online. But above all, Intersport, together with Findwise, has equipped itself for the uncertain future that characterizes Swedish retailers. By building an information hub with Findwise i3 and by taking total ownership of their data, Intersport can build custom search applications to meet consumer needs - regardless of consumer or need.

"Without your solution we would not have been able to build for the future, and be so far ahead in our offer to meet the customer's expectations to make it easy to buy a product" - Johan Lidenmark, Intersport

Technologies used on Intersport

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