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Improved Findability through better search and search driven site


Gothenburg University´s web GU.se is supposed to be the smart hub to connect to all relevant information from one of the largest universities in the nordics. It is challenging to create one web with one search that without compromising in user experience could handle all different information needs from the diverse organisation as GU is.

Drivers behind the solution are:
Improved experience for prioritized user groups including current students, potential students, employees, scientists, journalists and public visitors.
Less complex IT, higher level of reuse of IT-investments
More efficient internal processes through faster access to relevant information of high quality


Findwise used the methodology Findability by Findwise to assist GU to take an holistic approach and to avoid pitfalls during planning and implementation of the solution.

A powerful combination of tools were chosen!

The technical solution is built around Drupal (CMS), Elasticsearch (Search engine), React (Frontend) and Findwise i3 (Search Platform).
Findwise i3 is responible to connect information sources, process data to fit information model and provide CMS and frontend with search and information APIs.
Smart DevOps has accomplished through the use of OpenShift, it enables efficient container orchestration, allowing rapid container provisioning, deploying, scaling, and management.

Content possible to access and drill down via the search app:
Find Staff
Find Courses
Find Research
Find News
Find Events
Find Organisation

Search Frontend
The frontend is built with React. It utilizes API:s provided by i3 to display the search results. The frontend application is integrated into a Drupal site where the rest of the website lives.

The React application is threefold, meaning it can be initiated by Drupal in three different ways:
As a Widget, which only acts as a global Search box throughout the entire Drupal application.
As a niche search, where you only get results from one of the searchers given by the Search API. Such as News, Research, People, etc.
As a global search, where search results are given from all the niches available, but where you also have the functionality to narrow down the search results to any given niche if needed.

To unify the design between the Drupal and the search frontend written in React, there is a carefully designed CSS style guide together with an UI component explorer. The whole solution also features the websites accessibility requirements needed for public sector bodies.


A modern digital experience for all visitors, better support to editors and a solid platform for future needs.
Read more about the release in GU´s news article.

Technologies used on Gothenburg University

We build search solutions based on any platform and have partnerships with all leading vendors.

Elastic (Elasticsearch) - A powerful component for modern search technology.
Findwise i3 - Turning your search engine into an insight engine.