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Floatel International

Easy access to issued documents - offshore.


Floatel International Ltd. was established in 2006 and offer top quality Floatels, designed to meet extreme conditions and harsh environments all around the world. Floatel strive to provide flexible solutions with high quality and performance – always putting safety first.

This mission, along with regulatory demands, comes with a constant aim for improved processes. All employees must have quick and easy access to important documents such as guidelines, policies and manuals. These issued documents are stored, updated and verified in an integrated management system and the quality department needs making sure information is communicated and understood by all employees.

Whilst the management system guarantees quality of information, the challenge is making it easily accessible for employees offshore, with limited internet access and a need to quickly find information related to a work task.


High demands of performance (making documents quickly available offshore), requires an innovative touch to a search solution. All steering documents are indexed from the management system to a Solr/i3 platform. During processing, relevant metadata is automatically added, enabling a pleasant user experience with facets, filters and connections to related content. The super-fast user interface is rendered by Drupal CMS, whereas React, JavaScript and i3 handles all search driven content. This means, the user interface renders incremental changes only, as opposed to full pages. Combined with a light overall design, performance is great even for offshore users around the world.

“Performance is actually quite amazing”
Karl Linder
ICT Manager Floatel


A great application for finding issued documents.

  • Easy access to important information – on and offshore.
  • Super-fast due to the performance of Solr/i3 combined with Drupal, React and JavaScript.
  • Great user experience with the possibility to quickly find a specific document or explore content relevant for a work task or situation.
  • Solr/i3 processing makes adding metadata based on taxonomies and other business rules easy.

Technologies used on Floatel International

We build search solutions based on any platform and have partnerships with all leading vendors.

Apache Solr - The popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform.
Findwise i3 - Turning your search engine into an insight engine.