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E-commerce at x-kom

How to increase conversion with a good search


x-kom is a Polish company offering consumer electronics via an online shop and through a network of 27 stationary stores. The x-kom team has in-depth knowledge about technology and a customer-centric approach and thus advanced understanding in the needs of customers. X-kom currently employs more than 1400 people, offers over 22 000 products for over 700 000 customers by 2018.

Findwise has worked with x-kom since the end of 2015. It started with business consulting regarding the goals and strategy for e-commerce search development. The x-kom team quickly understood that even the best search engine is not enough. Transforming technology stack into a toolbox, satisfying business goals needs more than just programming.

“The x-kom team, like most online retailers, is focused on increasing conversion and hence, increasing sales volume. They adopted a strategic approach regarding e-commerce search, believing that optimizing each component of search experience, will bring them to this goal” – Tomasz Sobczak, KAM, Findwise.


Almost all our joint projects are focused on optimizing and increasing the quality of existing search application and its components. The general goal is, naturally, a growth of sales through the online channel. We are convinced that improving search relevance and precision of the features like e.g. query completion, will ensure that. The process of extending further functionality is well planned. Together with the x-kom team we created a long-term roadmap, which organizes individual projects. The topics we have dealt with so far are:

  • Relevance testing tool that evaluates products accuracy based on human judgements. Solution helps with combining expert knowledge and facilitates creating test cases with measuring the quality of search results.
  • Improving the search algorithm. Among other things, we improved the overall organization of product information and boosting specific categories. Finally, we also enhanced performance (QPS and response times)
  • Analyzing business/functional requirements and proposing the desired architecture for search administration panel. It allows to define business rules impacting results ranking in real time (according to e.g. the current sales goals)
  • Advanced query completion which recognizes the user's intention. It’s based on two sources: product catalogue and the most popular user queries. Depending on the detected type (manufacturer / product / category name etc.), suggestions follow a specific pattern to maximize search experience


“Thousands of customers use search on x-kom every day. We faced many problems with invalid search results, and we needed to fix it as soon as possible. Findwise helped us to solve these problems. Now, thanks to our cooperation, we can realize our mission giving customers an efficient tool that will allow them to easily find the product they are interested in on our site. We are increasing conversion thanks to the search engine.” – Michał Sowa, Search Engine Product Owner, X-kom.

Technologies used on E-commerce at x-kom

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