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Apache Solr Support Service

We offer up to 24/7 service with 1 hour response time!

Choose what Service Level Agreement suits you the best
- we offer up to 24/7 service with 1 hour response time!

Do you have the internal resources to cover all the areas where deep experience is required?

  • designing data models
  • indexing and processing of linguistic tasks
  • providing high relevance of search results
  • control of document access.

It's also important to remember about technical tasks e.g. managing data clusters, distributed indexes, near realtime search or performance optimization.

Our experts can help you with professional maintenance. Contact us to find out more!

Solr Expert Consultants

Findwise is a one hundred percent search focused company with 10 years experience and hundreds of successful projects (read more). Our consultants are frequent speakers at business & technology conferences and also the authors of our search technology blog. Everyday we work on making the life for a knowledgeworker easier by adapting Findability by Findwise methodology. In short it means enabling you to find the information that you need, instantly.

Apache Solr Support Contract

  • available as a (minimum) 12-month package
  • includes any version of Apache Solr / Lucene
  • includes deployment of bug fixes at production environment