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AI and Cognitive solutions

Use AI to create cognitive solutions that truly make a difference

Cognitive solutions and Artificial Intelligence are the “buzzwords” on everybody’s mind right now. The question is – are they only buzzwords or can these new technologies help us create solutions that bring business value and new insights?

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing is nothing new

Since we started, almost 15 years ago, Findwise has been at the forefront of new technologies. To us there is nothing new about using machine learning or natural language processing to improve our search- and information solutions. We have been working with this for many years.

Findwise has experience and knowledge working with:

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Text Analytics and Sentiment Analytics
  • Chatbots
  • Computer vision
  • Process automation

And we use these technologies to create solutions that:

  • Perform automatic translations of text and documents
  • Extract sentiments from words and phrases to find patterns and trends
  • Create and understand the context of a search questions (answer what the user means – not what he or she is writing)
  • Improve quality of search suggestions and relations between information
  • Automate everyday processes to improve quality and speed of work
  • Access information thru conversational interfaces, in your local language

Deep-dive: Automate everyday processes to improve quality and speed of work

There are many ways to use AI and Cognitive technology in your business transformation, today. All organisations have different processes and this case shows an example of where we used Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing to improve the quality of a bank's reviewing process.

How to get started - Create intelligent combinations of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive technology

The trick to get started with Cognitive solutions and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is to enrich the existing technology and create intelligent combinations. There is no meaning starting from scratch when there are so many parts of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Cognitive technology that can be merged into more advanced solutions.

By adding AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Cognitive technology we immediately improve the quality of customers search solutions; automatic metadata tagging, automatic translations, semantic extraction, understanding natural language etc. We can help you to pick the pieces and parts that will create the best cognitive solution for you.