Discover how the GDPR tool can enrich your information management and support you on the journey towards GDPR compliance.

Findwise GDPR tool

Track and evaluate unstructured data to gain compliance
Findwise has got over 10 years of experience in information management, work with unstructured data and text analysis which makes us the perfect companion for you in the mission to adapt to the new data security regulations. Findwise has developed a pragmatic and practical GDPR mapping tool with a wide range of features to apply to your business.

The tool can track and detect personal information in unstructured data such as:

  • Fileshare
  • Outlook
  • Intranet

You can discover all of the personal entity data and you can also exclude specific parts such as internal employees which lets you remove irrelevant personal data easily.

Maintain secure processes with the GDPR tool.
Findwise continuously maintain communication so that you can handle the information in a sound way. There will possibilities available to add warning systems that automatically alert each time personally identifiable information is stored when it should not be, which gives you control and security in your data management.

If you want to see how the tool looks on a real customer case, our experts have demonstrated the features and benefits in a film you can find through the form.

Technical setup

Examples of data that can be tracked:

  • Personregister: Regular Expression
  • Emails: Regular Expression
  • Names: Natural language processing and machine learning.

Important components for developing the tool:

  • Findwise I3 - File Crawler
  • Natural language processing, trained on Wikipedia data
  • Elastack - Elasticsearch & Kibana

What is the GDPR and what actions should you take to gain compliance?

How does the data reform affect your business? Can you turn the changes in to something positive? Are there any good GDPR tools?

The EU's new data protection regulation is enforced and aims to stricter protect privacy of individuals. For most countries inside the EU the current laws will be supplemented by tougher guidelines and penalties. Companies will have to adapt to avoid risking a fine of EUR 20 million or 4% of the global sales the current year (depending on which of the sums turn out to be the biggest).

Data minimisation is a big part of what the GDPR and data security is about. This will be a fundamental approach for companies to adapt to the data protection enforcement and involves collecting the minimum amount of information for the purpose and ambition of the data. It is the type of data processing, what type of tasks it includes and how unsafe it is for individuals that control what is considered reasonable for an organisation. The data considered hazardous is in particular personal information such as names, emails, social security numbers, photos, location information, IP addresses and more.

Locating personally identifiable information in unstructured data requires knowledge and can take a very long time for companies with large amounts of data. Thats why Findwise develops the GDPR tool that greatly simplifies the process by scanning data to select out the parts that should not be stored according to the GDPR.

Important points:

To get an overview and simplify the process, you need to figure out:

  • What parts of your business that collects personal information and who has access to the data.
  • What purpose you use personal data for.
  • How your data may threaten the integrity of users and what the data security requirements are.
  • The storage time of the data before it is deleted.

Required Actions:

  • Find the details for individuals.
  • Delete personal information.
  • Remove unnecessary information.
  • Use anonymous information as much as possible.
  • Update all your processes to comply with the law.

It is necessary to find the right data and technical solution for your organisation. Our experts have explained the GDPR tool’s features further in the video you can find through the form on the right.

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