Video: Search Analytics in Practice

Search Analytics in Practice from Findwise on Vimeo.

This presentation is about how to use search analytics to improve the search experience. A small investment in time and effort can really improve the search on your intranet or website. You will get practical advice on what metrics to look at and what actions can be taken as a result of the analysis.

Video in swedish “Sökanalys i praktiken”.

The presentation was recorded in Gothenburg on the 4th of May 2012.

The presentation featured in the video:

Search Analytics in Practice

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10 thoughts on “Video: Search Analytics in Practice

  1. Nice talk, Kristian! 🙂
    Here are 2 more, one from Berlin Buzzwords and another from Enterprise Search Summit, both from 2011: And a quick one here: This one shows how Search Analytics can help with A/B testing: here are slides: 

  2.  Thanks Otis!  🙂

    I liked your Berlin Buzzwords video and I will certainly watch the others as well. Hope to be able to chat with you at Enterprise Search Summit in a few days. Looking forward to meeting you there.

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