Usability 2.0

A lot is happening in the world of enterprise search. Recent blog posts include discussions of how enterprise 2.0 tools can be integrated into corporate systems; see discussions of taxonomies or integration on Social Glass for example. Or take a look at Bill Ives examples of people who achieved success with E 2.0, on the FAST Forward blog. These new trends are also starting to affect how we talk about usability. A couple of months ago there was a seminar about how web 2.0 technology have consequences for usability. (Watch the video from the seminar Usability 2.0.)

This week I am attending the 2007 HCI conference in Lancaster, UK. I will present an article, written together with Mattias Arvola, discussing how prototyping techniques can structure conversation in different stakeholder groups. On this traditional HCI conference, web 2.0and search technology have also entered the scene, with both keynotes and papers being presented about these subjects. Therefore I am looking forward to many interesting presentations and discussions about what effects enterprise 2.0 tools have on usability. So stay tuned for reports from the conference…

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