Graph Search from Down Under

We’ve already written about the new concept called Graph Search, which is being popularized by Facebook. Wouldn’t it be cool if we applied this to the enterprise as well, as I wrote in an earlier blog post on Enterprise Graph Search? That’s what Australian¬†startup company Lumanetix thinks, when they created the SPAR-K graph search engine for the enterprise.

Applied graph search

As seen in the screenshots of the product, the product do queries against relational databases with linked data objects such as Movies linked to People in Casts, or Managers of Departments in an organization. One difference to Facebook graph search is the more Google-like query syntax which is keyword-based where Facebook uses natural language processing to describe specific queries.Graph search applied to the enterprise

It’s exciting to see that the market is picking up speed with new innovations in the enterprise search field, as Lumanetix SPAR-K is an example of.


/Christian Ubbesen