Wisdom Comes With Knowledge – Let’s Have it at Our Fingertips

Wisdom comes with knowledge – this is our payoff, a generic statement, easy to agree with. But what do we mean with these few words….

The management guru Peter Drucker (www.peter-drucker.com) stated already 2001 that the next society will be a “knowledge society”. Knowledge will be its key resource, and knowledge workers will be the dominant group in its workforce. Its three main characteristics will be:

  • Borderlessness because knowledge travels even more effortlessly than money.
  • Upward mobility, available to everyone through easily acquired formal education.
  • The potential for failure as well as success. Anyone can acquire the “means of production”, i.e. the knowledge required for the job, but not everyone can win.

Together, those three characteristics will make the knowledge society a highly competitive one, for organisations and individuals alike. Information technology, although only one of many new features of the next society, is already having one hugely important effect: it is allowing information to spread near-instantly, and making it accessible to everyone.

But the important thing in the knowledge society is of course to find the right information at the right time. This is the success factor, to turn information into knowledge that could be built up for each separate task or mission. This requires a good way to extract the useful information. A good search engine could give you this, the ability to dynamically find, extract, structure and understand information and to turn information into knowledge.

We call this “dynamic knowledge”, easy to achieve through search solutions, suitable for each situation. This is a way to feel wise and well informed in the knowledge society. The ability to get the right information for each and every situation will give you the ability to have “dynamic knowledge at your fingertips”.