Reaching Findability #2

Findability is surprisingly complex due to the large number of measures needed to be understood and undertaken. I believe that one of the principal challenges lies within the pedagogical domain. This is my second post in a series of simple tips for reaching Findability. You can also sign up here for a subscription to a free email course on this topic!

Take control of the technology!

The right search technology is an important foundation for making your information findable. There is a plethora of good search products on the market, all of them with different properties and strengths. The right products are those that fulfill your needs at the lowest cost. Therefore, to make the right choice, you must have a good understanding of your requirements.

A good search engine is specialized in figuring out what you’re actually intending to find, even if you only type a single word with ambiguous meaning. The search engine can make the difference when the exact term or spelling is not obvious, or a word is simply misspelled. It can also increase the relevance of search hits by only displaying results in languages you understand, and prioritizing results that are relevant in your current context.

With the right search platform in place, making a correct set-up and configuration is vital. While the initial installation may seem simple, taking advantage of the more powerful functions is complex and requires deep knowledge of search and information management.

If you lack access to a search platform, think again! Maybe your organization is using SharePoint, which in many versions contain a powerful search engine. Maybe you are using a search engine on the web site, which can also be used for other purposes or vice versa. Sometimes it pays off to investigate what technologies are already employed by the organization and look for new applications.

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