Search and Content Quality – Ways of Improving Your Intranet

If you have 6 minutes to spare I would recommend you to watch this interview with Gabriel Olsson from Tetra Pak. During the last years Tetra Pak has been working strategically with turning their intranet into something true end user-centric. Tetra Pak has also put effort into search and content quality.

By actually asking the employees what they expect to find and what sort of information that would make their everyday work (tasks) more efficient, Tetra Pak has managed to create a navigation structure based on facts reflecting these needs. The method used is Gerry McGovern’s Task based Customer Carewords… and the result? The ones that scream the loudest are not the most important – the need of the employees is.

Gabriel is also talking about the importance of following up on search by key matches and synonyms. This, together with content quality initiatives, helps create a solid foundation for search, the simple reasons being:

Use metadata to filter search results (note, not a Tetra Pak picture)

  • If the quality of the information is good (clear headings, good metadata, frequent keywords), the information found through search will be good as well. If you have a lot of old content and duplicates this will be just as visible, making it hard for the users to determinate what is qualitative and trustworthy.Good quality will also make it possible to group and categorize information.
  • Synonyms makes it easy to adjust the corporate language to the one used by the employees. Let people search for “report” when they want to find a “bulletin”. A simple synonym list, based on search statistics will make users find what they want, without thinking about how to phrase the query.The synonyms can used in the background (without the users knowledge) or as ‘did you mean-suggestions’:

    Synonyms used for ‘Did you mean” functionality (note, not a Tetra Pak picture)

  • Key matches (also referred to as sponsored links, best bets or editor’s pick) are used to manually force the first hit in the search result list to refer to a specific page or document. By following up on search statistics and knowing what sort of information that is frequently most asked for, it is easy to adjust the search result list. However, this take  time and effort to follow up.

Tetra Pak is not alone when it comes to adjusting their intranets to true end-user needs. During the spring there will be a number of conferences where our customers will be sharing experiences from their initiatives. Among others Ability Partner, and the recently completed IntraTeam.

Apart from this, our own breakfast seminaries is a, as always, announced on our homepage and on twitter. Looking forward to seeing you!

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