LDAP Connector for Openpipeline Used for Indexing Organisational Information

Finding people within your organisation, also denoted as People Search, is something that is a key ingredient in a findability solutions. People catalogs are often based on an LDAP structure which holds the important information about each employee.

The LDAP connector for Openpipeline is the result of the latest activity at the Findwise development department which makes it easy to make the LDAP structure searchable. As always with a connector, you get direct access to the source which ensures a very efficent indexing and good control over the indexed information.

The LDAP connector has a number of features, some noted below:

  • SSL support – Supports LDAP over SSL
  • Pagination – LDAP entries can be retrieved in batches if the LDAP server supports the PagedResultControl. This increases performance and reduces memory consumption drastically
  • Incremental indexing – If the LDAP server flag each update to an entry with a timestamp, the connector can use this timestamp to only fetch updated entries.
  • Delete entries – LDAP entries that has been removed since the last run will be removed from the index
  • Attribute specification – Specify what attributes that should be returned for each entry. By only retrieving the attributes you need, performance is increased.

Interested of knowing more about the connector, or do you have any experience you like to share when indexing LDAP directories? Please drop a comment!

2 thoughts on “LDAP Connector for Openpipeline Used for Indexing Organisational Information

  1. Hi Tobias, I am very interested in this feature!
    Is it to similar the People Connect feature in GSA 6.8?

    Best regards,
    Floris Weegink, Google Enterprise Professional at VLC The Netherlands

  2. Hi Floris,

    Yes this is similair to the People Connect feature. Though we feel our connector is easier to configure and allows you to have more control over what is being indexed. If you use Openpipeline to feed data into the GSA, you could use this as a source for People Search in the GSA.

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