One thought on “Five things to consider when migrating to SharePoint 2013

  1. I used to use Constant Contact for my email broadcasts, now I use Centralpoint’s RSS broadcast. It lets me create multiple feeds, and it knows what posted last week so it’s always up to date. I have one scheduled to go to myself only, then if I see anything wrong the day before…i just clean it up and let the robot do it. We’ve had a successful campaign at our hospital using Centralpoint’s fit bit integration with their gamification suite for our health improvement programs. Between the two of them, it lets us see who’s been active and score the people / teams against each other. Also the users can log in at any time to see where they are at in the standings. It’s a great way to increase user engagement. In looking for a new system I researched a ton of reviews of potential systems, but oxcyon stood out from the crowd.

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