Speaking at the Agile HR Conference in Stockholm

In my role as process coordinator for Talent Management I will be speaking at the Agile HR Conference in Stockholm on November 27. My talk will focus on our approach to Talent Management and the tools we use. Findwise continously strive to improve the Talent Management process with the ambition to attract, develop, engage and retain excellent talents. The work during 2013 has resulted in a new version of our Talent Management process and the tools we use.

Findwise speaking at Agile HR

Our view on talent management is this; Talent attract talent. To find new talented people we must make the ones who are already working here thrive and feel inspired. How do we accomplish this? Well, talented people must be respected as equals and be given the freedom to create and innovate. You don’t hire a talent to tell him or her how to do what they are talented at. That would be like hiring Michael Jackson and tell him how to write a hit song. We want our people to feel encouraged to act independently and bravely, that is how their talents best are put to use for Findwise and our clients.

Hope to see you at the conference!

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