Evolution of Enterprise Search

Yesterday I have had an exciting and challenging day. Caroline and I visited a new customer, a large global Swedish industrial enterprise, for whom Findwise is doing a prestudy of the customer’s search requirements. The guy, whom we met was very alert and challenged us in the evolution of enterprise search and if the technology is mature enough for “safe” project deployments. I have managed search projects throughout Europe since 2002 and today it became clear to me how the projects and hence the enterprise search technology has changed.

Back in the early days, connecting to different datasources and indexing a vast amount of different sources were the biggest problem. Most projects were managed with a focus on this and the users should be happy with what we delivered. Today connectors to most data sources as well as managing different formats are commodity. The projects have finally and gladly become user driven so my conclusion is, yes, the technique is definitely mature.

Thank you for an important insight and good challenging thoughts!

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