Enterprise Search Market Overview 2011

A few weeks ago Forrester research released a report with an Enterprise search market overview of the 12 leading  vendors on the global market (Attivio, Autonomy, Coveo, Endeca, Exalead, Fabasoft, Google, IBM, ISYS Search, Microsoft, Sinequa and Vivisimo).

When I wrote about the Gartner report, readers commented on the fact that open source solutions were not part of the scope, even though their market share is increasing rapidly. The Forrester report has the same approach, except it includes vendors offering their products stand-alone as well as those with products integrated in portal/ECM solutions.

So why the exclusion of open source? Well, it appears difficult to decide on how to evaluate open source, especially when it comes to more advanced appliances.

Looking at the Forrester report, it includes some familiar conclusions but also a few new insights. Leslie Owen from Forrester concludes that “Google, Autonomy, and Microsoft are the most well-known names; they own a large portion of the existing market”. Hence, these vendors are still standing strong, even though they are challenged in various areas.

More surprisingly, some niche players get higher scores than the giants in core areas such as “Indexing and connectivity”, “Interface flexibility” and “Social and collaborative features”.

Vivisimo is seen as somewhat of a leader (with a slightly lower score on Mobile support and Semantics/text analysis). In the Gartner report, Vivisimo was excluded from the information access evaluation due to the fact that they were ”focusing on specialized application categories, such as customer service”.

Search vendor overview

An interesting reflection from Forrester is that “in the next few years, we expect prices to rise as specialized vendors wax poetic on the transformative power of search in order to distinguish their products from Google and Microsoft FAST Search for SharePoint”. On the Nordic market, we have not seen a shift to such a strategy, but rather the opposite, since open source (with zero license fees) is becoming accepted in an Enterprise environment to a larger extent.

The vendors that provide integrated solutions (to CMS/WCM etc) still remains strong, whereas the stand-alone solutions becomes exposed to completion in new ways. It will be interesting to follow the US and Nordic market to see how this evolves within the next year. It might be that the market differs when it comes to open source adaption.

If you wish to read the full report it can be downloaded from Vivisimo through a simple registration.

To get a complete overview of vendors, I recommend reading both the Gartner and Forrester report.

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  1. can not agree more with you on the price trend. As customer are more knowledgeable on ES solution and vendors, the marketing is expanding with price drops.

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