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Lucidworks Fusion

A commercial-grade package to simplify deployment of the Apache Solr search platform.

Simplify deployment of Solr and get instant access to your data

A commercial-grade platform that package a set of services with Solr to provide a highly scalable search engine and NoSQL datastore that gives you instant access to all your data.

It also brings extra value to the platform by adding pre-packaged and pre-configured features and capabilities. Some These capabilities include a variety of connectors, Security, Analytics, Search, AI, SQL, Graph, Spark and Streams. Additionally, more of the Solr functionality and all the added features are made available via REST APIs.

After acquiring Twigkit, Lucidworks has launched Fusion App Studio where you can easily build a tailor-made application from initial data.

We offer consulting and implementation of the Lucidworks Fusion platform.